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              Jardins de Carthage was born on the southern bank of the Mediterranean, in Tunisia, a country that has been a crossroad for Oriental, Mediterranean and European culture since the Roman Imperial era.

The fertile fields and superb climate have allowed for an abundance of the purest, freshest, and most natural vegetables to flourish in the land.

         Our company was created by the multicultural and lifelong friendship of three men, Armand, Foued, and Robert, whom shared a love for life and good food.

Their Sicilian, Tunisian, and French origins, respectively, created the perfect mélange of tradition and cuisine that established the inspiration for the company.

Their strolls along the olive grove gardens and their reminiscing on their distinct cultures sparked an idea. 

A concoction of their individual roots, experiences, cultures, and favorite family recipes then led to the creation of our company, Jardins de Carthage.

          All of our products are ready to use, 100% vegetarian, kosher certified, and made with carefully selected premium ingredients.

Our bestseller, the Harissa, which was named the ‘new sriracha’ by the Washington Post, is made of crushed sun dried cayenne peppers, making it the perfect spicy touch to any dish.

The Chakchouka, another one of our most popular products, is a dish found in some of the trendiest, ethnic restaurants across the world.

Our other classic recipes from the North African and Mediterranean Coast include sun dried tomatoes, olive tapenade, Mechouia salad, long-stemmed artichokes, preserved peppers and preserved lemons, traditional thin pastry sheets and our original creation: the Harisade and Carrodate.

            We offer many aromatic and authentic spreads that can be slathered on a slice of bread or used to add more spice and another dimension to any dish.

                                                                   Our three Creators and the rest of our team invite you to discover our company, our story, and our line of products.